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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Betsy's Blossoms Thank You Card

"Betsy's Blossoms" set is one of those that I look back and wonder why I bought it.  What was I thinking?  Or better yet, what did I see made with this set that made me want to buy it?  That's closer to the truth!!!  I'm not sure but what I do know is that I don't use it much at all.  I think I may have to surf the net for some samples and maybe it will all come back to me why I bought it.  I do like the bird and the branch but there's more to this set than that!!! LOL

Anyway, I played with the set and I also used the Adorning Accents Edgelets.  I LOVE those edgelets.  They are fun and easy to use.  I am thinking that Stampin' Up! may be putting more of those out and the framelet dies and get away from punches.  These dies don't get jammed up like the punches do.  They are SO much easier on the hands and you can cut a lot of different thicknesses with them.  Anyway, that is just a thought of mine.  Let's see how close I am when the next catalog comes out!!!

Ok, back to my card.  The words are from the "Perfectly Penned" set.  A set I have used a lot and am glad I own!!  

I just thought I would make a spring looking card today.  We are in a deep freeze and this warmed me up!! LOL

On Christmas morning we were in a deep freeze too.  I had seen this fun thing on the net so of course I had to try it.  "They can't put anything on the net that isn't true," right?  LOL  You take boiling water in a cup and toss it in the air and it turns to crystals.  I imagined the whole cup of water going "plunk" on the ground.  Some of it did.  But there is a little trick or technique to this.  You must throw the water from the cup in a long sweeping arch.  All that was left was a puff of white crystals in the air.  It was SO cool.  Hubby and I emptied out a whole tea kettle of boiling water.  We're such kids!  It was a fun thing to try on Christmas morning.  I may go out tomorrow morning and give it a try again just because it was fun.  Hubby will be back at work and he won't know the silly things I do during the day!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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Unknown said...

Caught my attention right away and I love it!