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Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blog Candy Winner!

Today is the day for the Blog Candy drawing.  I thought it would have been funny (and kind of eerie) had the Random Number Generator picked the #13! (the link for the generator is on the right sidebar, way down on the list). My grandma was a very superstitious person.  Her birthday was on September 13th and if it landed on a Friday she would stay indoors all day. Poor thing!  Fortunately for her that didn't happen too many times! But we made sure she had a nice birthday anyway!  

So lets move on to the Blog Candy winner!

  The Random Number Generator picked the #28.  And that number belonged to Connie.  Here is Connie's comment:
Anonymousconnie said...

The number 13 is just another number. It is only what we make of it. Buttttt. . .I will not walk under a ladder. Let's hope 2013 will be a great year and if I win the stamps, then I know for sure 13is lucky. Thanks for the chance to win." 

 I thank you all for playing along.  As I work on getting my workroom more organized I am sure I will be running across more unused stamp sets and of course I will post them here as Blog Candy!!  Everyone loves getting free stuff, don't they?  LOL

Connie, I do need you to email me with your snail mail so I can get the package off to you.  I managed to fill it pretty full too!  You will have hours of fun with the stuff that's in there!

I thank you all for stopping by today.  Tomorrow I have a fun item to share with you.

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