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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

I hope all of you are having a fun and safe Halloween.  We pull shifts here.  We get a LOT of kids each year.  Some years not as many but still the numbers are high.  The doorbell is constantly ringing tonight.  Could be because of the beautiful weather for it.  A whopping 48 degrees F but there's no wind, or rain, or snow so it's perfect for Trick or Treating!

We give out the fun size candy bars along with a Wendy's free frosty gift certificate.  I buy a bunch of them every year.  The employees at Wendy's have to ask me to repeat the number I want because they can't believe what they heard!  We love giving them out and we love hearing the kiddies yell "Wendys!"  LOL  It's fun!  And it's for a good cause.  We had some left last year so we got to have a few free frosties ourselves.  But at the rate it's going this year I don't think there will be any left. I hope they all go!  

I don't have a post for you tonight.  I will post tomorrow.  I am getting my "stuff" finished up for the craft fair and tending to the darling little Trick or Treaters.  So far it's been all treats!  Let's hope there's no tricks.  This was the first year we did not carve pumpkins.  It feel so odd that we didn't but time just got away from both of us.  So we don't have to go outside tonight and bring in the pumpkins. If you don't bring them in (in the years past) they would be smashed on the road.  But that was years past and before out security lights!  But we still bring them in.  Without the temptation there they move on!

So I will have a fun post for you tomorrow.  

Happy Halloween,

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