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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Flowering Flourishes Bridal Shower Invitation

My niece (Allie) is getting married in December and I made these invitations for her bridal shower.  So Allie, if you are seeing this, escape now or you'll ruin the surprise! 

This card is not a standard size card.  I had to work around the recipe cards in the left top pocket.  

The photo shows both the front and the inside of the invitation.  On the front I had made the dress using 4" paper doilies.  I saw how to do this technique here.   It is VERY easy to do and a lot of fun (if you don't have to make a ton of them!!!).

Since the bride was using silver on her invitations I decided to incorporate it in the invitation with the background panel, the border, the tabs and the scalloped layers.

On the inside of the card I thought  it would be fun for those invited to share a couple of their favorite family recipes so two recipe cards are included.  There is a tab to pull out that states that.  Below that pocket is another tab you pull out with the directions to the shower.  And on the right side is the actual invitation itself.  The scalloped layer below that tells where they are registered.  

As of today I have not mailed them yet because I need to go to the post office.  These cards are not light and I'm guessing that it will cost over $1.00 each to mail.  But fortunately I was able to hand deliver a few of them.  The bride won't be getting hers until the day of the shower because of the recipe cards being a surprise.  

What you see in the photo is what the bride will be getting for her scrapbook.  I told her I had an extra front so she can display it all without ever having to remove it from the scrapbook to show someone or to reminisce.  

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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christi said...

what a great gift for her. wonderfully made.