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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Googly Ghouls Halloween Gift Box Tag

The time is sure getting away from me.  I'm preparing for this weekends craft fair among the millions of other things I have going on!! UGH!!! I'll be so glad to see Sunday evening!!!  Feet up, P.J.'s on and some hot tea!  I can't wait!

Today I needed to get groceries.  Just before I was going leave I remembered I forgot to make a gift for the cart guy Greg.  He is such a sweet guy.  He is mentally challenged but extremely smart and so very kind.  He always helps me put my groceries in my car for me.  He will see me leave the store and come running.  So on the candy holidays I make sure I have something fun for him.

I found this cute take out box on sale at Michael's.  I knew who I was going to get this for.  I filled it with Halloween fun size candy bars of various flavors.  And of course I needed a little card for it.  So off to my workroom to whip one up.  I used the mummy from the Googly Ghouls set.  I added a googly eye and layered it on a piece of card stock cut 6" x 3" and folded in half.  So simple and it was very quick. And off I went to the store!  I found Greg in the parking lot and gave him his little treat and thanked him for all the help he has been to me.  I wished him a Happy Halloween and I went in to do my grocery shopping!

Thank you SO much for visiting today,

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