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Monday, October 29, 2012

A Pot Full of Snowmen

Well, aren't these little guys just the cutest?  I found them on Pinterest.  They even came along with the instructions on how to make them too!  Such a deal!  So with the upcoming craft fair (this weekend) I thought I would make 4 of them.  I chose 4 because that was how many terracotta planters I had on hand.  

I got a little creative with the eyes and buttons.  I made them using polymer clay.  I would have made the noses out of clay too but after checking the situation over I decided that they would be too difficult to insert in the face due to the tightness of the knit. So I went with the painted toothpicks.  I did have problems with pushing them in. They needed a bit of a push and my fingernails would dig into the wood and gouge the paint.  I had to pay special attention to where my fingernails were while pushing the noses in.  After ruining the first two I caught on!!

I was at Michael's this past weekend and picked up some colored gloves they had on sale for $1.00 each plus I got an additional 25% off my purchase so the profit margin goes up!!  I was hoping to find some white ones but I did need colored ones for the hats.  Yup, those knitted hats are the fingers of the gloves cut off and rolled up (I hot glue while I roll) and they are glued in place.  The snowman in the back with a top hat, well, that I made from felt.  I used my 1-1/2" and 1" Sizzix circle die to cut them out.  I wanted perfect small circles and that is what I got!!  

I am still up in the air about the bottom part of the pot.  I think I'm going to stencil a few small snowflakes on there.  It definitely need something there.  I need to run a couple of errands but when I get back I will be fixing that issue and adding these to the room with the rest of the stuff I need to price!  I HATE that part!!  And I can finish up the other 3 (which I have not even started).  I've been giving some thought to the number of snowmen.  This one is cute for a family of 5.  I think I may make a couple with 4 snowmen in it.

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