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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Candles

 I saw this candle bowl making "thing" on Pinterest and I had to give it a try.  Yes, I HAD to give it a try.  My niece is getting married and was trying to find some ideas for centerpieces for the tables.  I had some wax and I had some time so I thought I would give it a try for her.  I got the wax melted and I took out the water balloons I had bought last month on clearance.  I tried to get the balloon around the aerator but the balloons kept breaking.  SO I thought I would put the special nozzle on that came with the balloons.  I removed our aerator and tried to get the nozzle on but it wasn't designed for kitchen faucets, it's for an outside faucet.  I cleaned our aerator and put it back on. I figured worse case senerio here is that I would have a clean aerator!!  

Plan B went into place.  Put as much hot water in the balloon and blow it up.   I got the balloon tied up and I dipped it about half way into the wax.  I watched the wax set on the balloon!!  We were in business.  I dipped it again up to the same spot.  I was on my way to making these centerpieces!!  I dipped it a couple more times and the last dipping the balloon popped and there was wax everywhere.  All over me, my hair, my face, the walls, the refrigerator, the window, the sink, the counters, the cupboards, the blinds, EVERYWHERE!!!!  

Plan C.  Once all the wax I could see was cleaned up (which wasn't hard to do, it didn't stick hard on anything, it was just there and you picked it off.  It didn't even leave a mark. But it was still something I didn't plan for in my time frame) I thought I would try the faucet out in the bathroom.  The balloon fit and I came out of the bathroom with a nice size balloon filled with hot water.  I dipped the balloon and all was well.  After about 10 dippings the balloon was still in tact and I was not wearing any new wax I figured I was well on my way to making a wax centerpiece.  And I was.  I kept dipping the balloon.  The hard part was to know how many dippings the thing needed. The more you dip it the sturdier the bowl will be.

I even got creative and punched out some small black cats out of card stock and after a dipping I added them to the outside and dipped over them.  I thought it would be cool to see those shapes come out when the candle was lit.  Well, all you see are black blobs.  I think if I were to add things like that again I would do it before the last 4 dippings and you would still be able to see the images.  I got the piece done. I stuck it in the fridge to set up while I cleaned up my kitchen.  When it was cool enough I popped the balloon and got it out of the bowl.  I trimmed the top lip evenly and shaved a bit off the bottom to even it out.  The most problems I had was with the bottom, trying to get it even.  And I couldn't wait to see the punched cats with the candle on.  I took it in the bathroom and shut off the light.  I turned the candle on and all I was was these black blobs.  How disappointing!! But at least I can say I tried this.  I called my niece and let her know that there was no way I could make a bunch of these for her. Which is too bad but the dipping took so long to do.  Not worth the time. Or the mess!!!  And a few days later I found more wax on the other side of the blinds.  I have a feeling I'm going to be finding wax for days to come!!!   LOL

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Mary said...

Ah, I actually saw on someones boards where they showed the original idea, then how it actually came out. Just proves that not all those "neat" ideas are easy to do. Thanks for sharing your experience thou.

Sara Paschal said...

Yikes, sounds like a ton of work to pick up the mess. The finished candle tho I think looks pretty darn cool.

Wanda Williams said...

Wanda! You had me cracking up about the wax everywhere! Sorry you weren't able to make them for your niece. But, like you said, you tried! :-D