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Saturday, August 11, 2012

A Betsy's Blossom Birthday

This is one of those sets I bought because I saw a cute card done with it.  Well, I made that cute card (I think) and the set is just sitting on the shelf!  I took it out today to play with it.  This is not what I originally had in mind for the card when I started.  The base of the card was originally white but after I got the card put together I didn't like the white so I trimmed it up and added the Raspberry Ripple behind it.  It was fun to play with the new in colors too. I LOVE those new stamp pads.  Though I do have to remember not to press down as hard on them as I do on the old ones.  

I was disappointed in the wording here. I got it crooked.  I may stamp it on a separate piece of white card stock and tape it on top of the crooked ones.  Then again I just may leave it, it is after all a handmade card!!!  I was unhappy about the words because I actually practiced with the image on some scrap paper to make sure I got it straight.  It was straight on the practice paper.  UGH!! It's one of the joys of stamping!!  LOL

I did cut each flower out and the centers of each flower (stamped in Daffodil Delight).  And of course the bird was cut out.  Two of the flowers were set in place using Dimensionals and the other (top right flower) was taped in place as is.  The bird was also set in place with Dimensionals.  And the leaf (stamped in Gumball Green) was just stamped directly onto the paper.  I did have to remove some ink from the edges of the rubber before I stamped it on my card stock.  It got there because I'm sure I pressed too hard on the new ink pad.  I just took my blender pen and removed the color.  I used my thumb at first but I didn't like the greasy feel of the ink.  I'm not sure if there is oils in it or not but it felt like it on my thumb.  Anyway, I removed the ink from the edges to avoid that horrible line that sometimes appears when that happens.  And that's probably because of pressing too hard with the stamp too!  It's all about pressure on the stamp here! 

So here you have it.  A Betsy's Blossom card.  And I didn't copy it from anyone!  Shocker, I know!!! LOL

I'm working on a little fun project for you that would be a great Stamp Camp project and a wonderful gift too!  I should have it completed later in the week.  I have a ton of projects going on all at once here and I wonder why I can't finish anything!!!  I'm getting to the finishing point on lots of them.  I like to keep busy with different projects because I don't want to become bored with one, I tend to abandon them when they take too long.  So it's just easier to have a bunch of them going and work on them as I choose and eventually they get done.  It's fun when a bunch of them get done in one week too!!!  That doesn't happen very often but I do have a few of them coming up that will be ALL DONE!  And of course I will share them with you!

Thank you ever SO much for visiting today,

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KER said...

wonderful card...i don't care if the sentiment is crooked...who would notice with that colorful bird grabbing the attention...and the dimension you added with the flowers...