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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bag Dispenser Weekend Project

 Now this would be a very fun Stamp Camp project.  You'd have to start collecting these containers way in advance.  Though you may be able to get your hands on a lot of them in a short time by contacting a local daycare provider and asking them to save them for you!  And new moms!  I'm sure you could collect them quickly if you really wanted to. It's amazing how quickly we can accomplish things if it is something we REALLY want to do! Isn't it? 

This is a very fun and easy project.  The trouble I had was with the color.  I needed to find a color that matched the lid of the container.  I went with Melon Mambo. It matches well enough so I was happy with that part.  I did take a piece of copier paper and wrapped it (the long way) around the container to make a pattern for it.  Then I traced it onto the back of the decorative paper.  Be sure you flip the pattern too!  I wrote "front" on the pattern so I would remember which side I needed to face the back of the decorative paper.  Once I got the paper cut I used the Sticky Strip to affix it to the container.  All but the final edge.  There I glued it in place.  And decorate it as you wish.  I used the computer to do the words and the Labels collection Framelets on the front.  I added some Baker's Twine and some button with Baker's Twine on them.  I didn't want to dress it up too much because I wasn't sure how much use and abuse the container was going to take so I just kept it simple.

For the bags on the inside you must take your bags and straighten them out, including the handles. Then fold them in half.  With the fold on the left lay the bag down and set another folded bag at the bottom of the first bag with the handles over the first bag.  I rolled the brownish bag up to the handle and then I just slid the white bag on the top edge of the brownish bag and I made sure the handles were on top of the white bag.  Then I rolled up the white bag and when I got to the handles of that bag I added another and so on.  When I got done (eyeing up how big the roll of bags was and how big the container is) I pulled out two of the bags from the center.  I felt I had rolled them too tight and I didn't want to screw up the whole concept I had going here of having a bag dispenser.  I took those two bags and rolled them up on the outside of the roll of bags. Then I put the roll in the dispenser and pushed the next handles through the hole in the lid of the dispenser and of course I had to pull one out.  Oh my goodness, it worked!!!! How cool is this? 

I found this idea on Pinterest (along with a million other things I pinned - but this is one I actually did!!).  I use to fold my bags to the size of a greeting card and put them in a tote (I know, how picky can you be about storing bags??? LOL) but now I will be folding them in half and just rolling them up until I need to refill the dispenser!!!  Now don't you think it would be a great Stamp Camp idea?  

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