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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Designer Buttons Push Pins Weekend Project

I actually had to look to see if the "things" were still called "thumb tacks."  And they were.  I didn't want to date myself here!!! LOL  

I saw this on Pinterest.  You just take buttons and glue them onto thumb tacks and you have VERY pretty decorative push pins for your bulletin boards. how cool is that?  Aren't they cute?

I used E-6000 glue to stick them to the thumb tacks.    It was easy to do too.  I just set a piece of card stock over a piece of thick Fun Foam.  Then I pushed a few thumb tacks through the paper and into the foam a bit.  Then I put a bit of E-6000 on the thumb tack and set the button on top.  I just let them dry over night and they were completely set and usable.  Aren't they pretty?  What a cute way to dress up a bulletin board, huh?  And SO simple.  You can add ribbons to the buttons and tie in a bow before gluing in place and you can even cut the prongs off brads and glue them to the center of the buttons for some added depth.  It's a great way to use up old buttons too.  Though these were not old but it's ok, they were pretty and fun!

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christi said...

hi wanda,
just a short note letting you know that i got the cards today. thanks so much. you were right the one card shimmers much prettier in person than on the blog. i also liked the birthday card.

what a cute idea today's post is. great little gift to put in a survival kit for your college bound kids.