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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pillow Top Background Technique Page

I thought it was time to do a technique page. I forget about those things and every now and then I remember and pop one on here.  Today I found a technique called Pillow Top Background.  It is a very easy technique to do too.

You will need some acetate or plastic, a sponge, and ink pad and some card stock.  Not many supplies needed for this.  

You will line up your acetate from corner to corner and sponge in along the acetate line.  Slide the acetate to the left a little. On my background I moved mine about a half inch each time.  Sponge along the line and keep moving to the left until you are at the corner.  Then go back to the center and move the acetate over to the right and keep sponging as you did before.  Once that is done you need to turn your card ¼ turn and starting in the middle sponge as you did for the previous lines.  I marked my acetate with a ruler and drew a permanent line a half inch from the edge so I had a guide to follow on the lines going towards the right.  For the left side I just marked the edges of my card stock.  I knew I was going to be cutting those edges off anyway so a few light pencil marks didn’t really matter. 

Once I was done I took my sponge and sponged around the top near the edges and also on any spots that looked too bright.  I wanted a nice even look so I didn’t want one area or spot to look brighter than the other areas.  And that was it.  I trimmed it up and used it as the background for this card.

This card was done using 3 techniques.  Direct to rubber on the flower. Thumping on the flower and the new Pillow Top Background technique!  Isn’t it fun when you can combine these techniques.

I do have technique sets available on my web store.  I have some actual finished 6” x 6” sets left and the sets are also available on CD.  You just print out as many as you need for your classes.  Do the technique, put the pages together and begin your technique class albums!  The CD's also have samples of finished pages.

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Susie said...

I want to try this. Looks so pretty.

Runs with Scissors said...

Great card and technique....

lisa808 said...

The pillow top technique looks awesome.

Stampin Deva said...

I love the look of this, it is on my list of must tries. TFS