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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's a Wrap Occasions Hershey Candies Weekend Project

Ok, when I saw this set in the catalog I KNEW I had to buy it.  And it was the first thing I put on my order too!!  I LOVE doing this kind of stuff and now Stampin' Up! has made it even easier!  Gotta LOVE that!

I thought I would start out with the "Thanks SO much" image.  I did stamp these on a mailing label.  You can use ones from any company, they are all the same size.  After stamping them I cut strips of copier paper at 1" wide and 2-3/4" long.  These strips are longer than the labels and you MUST do it like this.  Hershey has laws about what you do with their products.  You are allowed to cover these nuggets but you are NOT allowed to stick anything directly to their wrappers, nor are you allowed to remove the wrapper and decorate the candies.  SO what you can do is create a belly band type thing. By cutting the strip 2-3/4" you have made it long enough to go around the whole wrapper.  A mailing label will not go around the whole wrapper.  Affix your label on the strip about a half inch from the edge.  This 1/2" piece is where your label is going to stick to on the back.   It will wrap all the way around the candy forming a band that the candy, when pushed, will slide out.  You are now in compliance with the makers of the Hershey Nuggets!  As simple as that!  Just a little side note here, I opted to use copier because it is thin and would bend nicer than card stock.  You can also use decorative paper here but it's not going to show much at all which makes it kind of a waste to use.  But if you want to work in your decorative papers on these, you can wrap them around as your belly band and then stamp the image and cut the center part out and affix it to the dp.  See, there is a way to use it if you really want to dress up these little nuggets!!

I think these are going to be a lot of fun.  There is a get well one, a shower one, an apple (teacher) one, a Mr & Mrs one, a baby one and a birthday one!  How fun is that?  I just LOVE it!!  With our son's wedding coming up in January I am going to make the "Mr & Mrs" ones to have at the Groom's Dinner!!  Won't that be fun, party favors for every occasion?? 

Won't these be great as a customer gift and if you are not a demonstrator, they will make great little thank you's for the neighbor, the mail carrier, etc!!  I need to get some more bags of nuggets!!!  I actually bought a bag after I had paged through the catalog and saw the set.  Ok, I did wait until it was grocery shopping day to go.  I did not make a special trip for nuggets I couldn't do anything with yet!!!  

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