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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Every Little Bit Birthday Card

There are lots of things I just LOVE about this "Every Little Bit" stamp set.  One of them is, there are 28 images to pick from and they cover just about every event you would need.  I love the smaller image stamps because I really like this one layout I have and it's perfect for these smaller images!  I will use that layout in a few days.  But today I wanted to try something else with this set.  I would like to make a card using every image in the set but there are a few in there that would be too much of a challenge for me.  I don't know what to accessorize with a Menorah, for one.    

Anyway, lets talk about my card.  I used the adorable gumball machine image here.  I wanted to use this strip card layout and this set came to mind.  The most difficult part of making this card was deciding which image to use. 

I thought I would make a children's card since I don't have a lot of those in my stash!

This was actually a pretty simple card to make. I especially liked sitting down with the markers and coloring.  Something I don't do too often.  I think I'll look for an image that I can spend some time on coloring!!!

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Anonymous said...

A very cute children's card! Thanks for sharing it with us.