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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Candy Wrapper Die Santa Box

Once I figured out how to fold this box shut properly I LOVED it even more. You can view a tutorial on how to fold it here. It's one of those things you really only need to watch once and you can do these in your sleep! I still have a little trouble getting the end to twist but I think it's because I'm treating it like it's glass!!! I need to hold it more firmly and be a bit more aggressive on the twist and I think I will have perfected this wrapper!
I made this Santa wrapper for my sister. It will have mixed emotions with it. She will think it's adorable but be disappointed that there are only two of the Lindor Truffles inside. She LOVES those things. Sorry but the wrapper could hardly hold the two of them!

I thought these would also be a great little teacher's gift or something to set on your co-worker's desks.
On mine I did use some small doll buttons I had but you could use punched out pieces of card stock too. Either way it would be cute.
The belt is a piece of black card stock. The buckle is a piece of brushed gold card stock with a square hole punched in the middle. I did punch the hole first and then cut the edges to fit. I didn't get it quite even on the top and bottom of the buckle but that's ok. If it happens, just remember to put the bigger part on the bottom. The inside of the buckle looks a bit odd because I used glue to set it in place and some oozed out and it wasn't dry when I took the photo. Oops!
I am thinking of making these for some upcoming classes I have. What a fun thing to give away and (depending on what you put inside) it could be very inexpensive too! And who says you have to put candy in it? I wouldn't mind opening up one with money in it!!!
Use your imagination with these. You can use them for lots of events!
Under the "label" for this I put it in the "Santa Theme." I have LOTS more items you can make using the "Santa Theme." Just click here to view them!

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Mary said...

Very cute, I think I will give this a try for my kids stockings.

Sara Paschal said...

This is one cute box;)

PepPop said...

That is so cute. This would be a perfect set with your other santa items. Jaqui x