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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This card is from the Diva Day shoe box swap. It was designed by Juliann. She always comes up with such fun cards. Now for me this card was a challenge. To make it I had to take the snowflake stamps and work them into a circle without any guidelines. Yup, nothing to go on but working in a circle from north to south and then east to west. I did manage to make the circle. It's not so straight but it is there and it looks like a wreath!
It was fun to do and it was fun to meet the challenge! I love the colors of this card, it is definitely a Christmas card! No mistaking it for anything else!
I don't know the name of the stamp set that was used. Obviously I don't own it!
Stay tuned this week, I have a couple of fun projects for you to see and if you like to make for yourself. I will post measurements!!

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Glenda said...

Love your card! What a good idea to use snowflake stamps to make a wreath! Can't wait to see what you have in store for this week!

Debby said...

This is beautiful and very creative, I would love measurements. I think almost any snowflake stamp would work. Just love this. Been a while since I have commented but been loving your work.
angel hugs

Mary said...

What a great idea! Like it when you can use your stamps to make other images with them. Mary

Unknown said...

This is stunning, not sure about the no guidelines but going to give this a go. (everything I do lately is crooked I will probably get an oval.) Great Job!

Amy said...

ooooo - I love this card. Very creative. I always enjoy your blog.