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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Candy Cane Christmas Decorative Paper Candy Box

It's always more fun to give candy to your friends, relatives or co-workers when it's wrapped up so sweetly!!!

I had purchased the Candy Cane Lane Digital kit so I can print out the decorative paper as I need it. To print it out for using as background paper, I highly recommend you use 28# or 30# copier paper. It gives it that feel of quality decorative paper. Plus it's easier to work with and the ink absorbs better.

For this project I used Whisper White card stock. I wanted my box to be a very sturdy once since I was putting a window in it.

To make the box you cut the printed card stock 7-1/8" x 7-3/4". Score on the short side at 1-5/8" four times across. Turn and score each end (on the long side). Now looking at the score lines you will see two that have formed small rectangles. Clip them away at the ends only. The center part is where you will be gluing or taping the box together.

On the short side, clip between the score marks. You will be clipping only 1-5/8" into the side of the box. You will stop at the score line. These are the ends of the box.

This is when you will add a window to your box if you want one. I used a 2" circle punch and punched through two layers of card stock. I did punch a circle out of scrap copier paper and folded it in half. I set it over the area I wanted the window to be and traced the half circle. I punched it out and added a piece of Window Sheet for the window. I did glue it in place. But be sure to score it before you glue it in place.

Next I glued that little flap to the box. Then glue or tape one end closed. I added the Ferrero Rocher candy and you can glue or tape the other end closed. Then you can decorate with ribbons, snowflakes, or whatever you wish to add to your box! I kpet mine simple. I just added a scallop around the window and I added a couple of snowflakes from the Northern Frost die. It was a fun project and it really didn't take long to do at all. If you use colored card stock you can add decorative paper to jazz it up more too. Use your imagination and have fun!

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Wanda said...

Nice package Wanda - TFS the measurements with us.

lisa808 said...

Cute little box. Thanks for the measurements.