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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Quick Christmas Card!

This card was made by Sharon, a VERY creative stamper. Don't let her tell you different. She has some great ideas when stamping. The last time she was here to stamp she brought some cards she had made and this is one of them.
I am not sure if the front of the card is decorative paper, gift wrapping paper or a pre-made card front. She layered it on top of a piece of white card stock cut a bit larger than the colored image. She punched a hole in the colored top layer and centered an epoxy sticker on it. This epoxy sticker is of Santa with a bag of toys. Click on the photo to see a closer view. I just love how the tree in the large image and the Santa in the small one keep the "theme" going. I thought it was a cleaver idea and a great way to use those smaller epoxy stickers. I tend to use them on a package. Kind of boring but now I have a new use for them!!! Aren't they cute on a card.
You can make your own epoxy type stickers by stamping on card stock and adding some Crystal Effects to it. After it dries you add the tape and stick it in place. Ok, it's not so much a sticker until you put the tape on it!! I will be having a tutorial on it soon. There is a little trick to it to keep the ink from running. I will share that tip with you and you will soon be using those little stamp images in whole different way!

Thank you Sharon for letting me share your wonderful card with everyone!

And thank you SO much for visiting today,


Gail said...

This photo doesn't enlarge when clicked on. It's a marvelous idea.

PepPop said...

I love how the Christmas tree is slightly faded so the little Santa stands out. Lovely card. Jaqui x