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Friday, November 12, 2010

Under the Stars

This is such a great masculine card. I LOVE this set. I bought this set and have only used it once. I have a fun idea for it and I do need to get it done before the set retires or before I forget I have the set!!! LOL

My downline Teresa made this adorable card. I have seen many cards that Teresa has made and this gal LOVED to cut images out. Or so it would appear. On most of the cards I've seen she's done a lot of cutting. And this card is no exception.

Every item on this card is cut out! And her sense of humor is the same as mine. I thought the bear should be spraying his pits with the skeeter spray too!!! I likehow she used the Dazzling Diamonds to make it look like the sprayer is spraying. And it was used on those dreaded mosquitoes too. I'm SO glad we had gotten a frost to kill them off for the season!

I was guessing that the background was done using webbing spray but it doesn't really feel like it. I will have to ask her what it is and how she did it and hopefully post a tutorial on it!

It's such a cute card and I'm SO lucky to have gotten it from her.
Thank you Teresa!

And I thank you SO much for visiting today,

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