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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kind & Caring Thoughts Birthday Cards

Nope, you're not seeing double. I needed to make 2 birthday cards for hubby's twin sisters. Their birthday is on the 9th. I can't believe I'm actually done with the cards before the birthday happens. I was not good all year long about getting birthday cards out on time. And what is REALLY sad about that is, I could have gone into my samples and taken one of them. But no, I always have to make a new fresh card and in this case, cards! And his sisters are identical twins. Twins run on hubby's side of the family. His mom had twins, his mom's sister had twins and one of hubby's sisters had twins. It didn't even skip an generation! YIKES! And they are ALL identical. It is still tough to tell the cousins and the nieces apart unless they are with their hubby's then I can. What is REALLY funny is, when my hubby looks at photos of his sisters when they were kids he can't tell who is who and I can! Anyway, on to this fun card!

The "Kind & Caring Thoughts" is a Hostess retired set. I will be putting that in my web store sometime soon. I need to make more room for the new sets I have that are just sitting on my ledge. I do have some room for them but I'm a bit lazy when it comes to cataloging them and getting them shelved.

These cards were SO simple to make. I stamped the image using Mellon Mambo ink. I did huff on it before I stamped it. I find that if you do that for images that have the flat dark areas on it, the image turns out more solid. I think it looks pretty good!
The words were done on the computer. I had done up a whole page of them so I had them when I needed them. I even printed out a sheet of them on Very Vanilla card stock so I have them in both colors. I amazed myself there, I usually don't think that far ahead when I'm printing out stuff!!

This was an extremely quick card to make too. Just stamp, layer, punch and tape! SO simple and quick!

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