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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sweet Scoops Bath Fizzy Weekend Project

I have not posted a Weekend Project in a while and thought it was time. I just LOVE using these Sizzix box dies. They sure do make making a box a simple task. I have always loved making boxes but with the help of these dies I can whip them out in no time. And they don't make it feel like such a chore either!

For this one I used the Box #2 die. I used a 1-3/8" square punch several times over the front to make the window hole in the box. I covered that opening with a piece of transparency.

I stamped the ice cream cone from the "Sweet Scoops" set all over the box. What I really should have done was stamped the image first and then cut the box out. Or at least stamped the images and then folded the box. The folds made some of the images incomplete. But it's still cute like it is.

I had gotten my hands on these ice cream cone shaped bath fizzies a while back and I forgot about them. As I was digging though one of the piles in my workroom I saw them and thought I would actually make the project before the set retires. I had also purchased an ice cream cone mold to make my own fizzies in it. It's actually a candy mold but it works just fine for fizzies. For a while that is. The fragrance oils will eat away at plastic but you can get a lot of images off the candy molds before that happens. I plan on keeping the stamp set for a while. Perhaps long enough to sell some fizzies to recoup the cost of the set plus other materials! Then I won't feel so bad about letting the set go! BUT I really like this set! I often keep a set a very long time if I can still make money off it. This may be one of those.

I did copy the instructions and ingredients off the original package and I printed them out along with the copyright symbol and "Stampin' Up!" to cover the angel policy rules. This is very important if you are going to be selling anything using Stampin' Up! images.

I will probably use these as gifts, not really sure yet. But they are ready to sell if I opt to do that.

I tied a white ribbon around the box to hold the top shut. It is staying shut but I did trim the flap a bit because it showed through the window.

The fizzies came 3 in a pack and now my challenge is to make up two more boxes and get the other two fizzies boxed up like the first one. I'm SO bad at making the one and never touching the other two. Hopefully this weekend I can box up those other two. Wish me luck there! If I finish them I'll post them on here. They will look better than this one because I will stamp before I fold the score lines!!!

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debbie said...

Really cute you have a bath fizzy recipe that you could share?

Noreen said...

Nice gift idea... and a cute way to package it. I, too, have issues with making one and then being done - no matter how many I needed or wanted to make.

Unknown said...

These fizzy's are so very CUTE like how you packaged them up. I have also seen them out this summer as bubbles (dollar tree) if this helps some of your readers.

PepPop said...

Ooh nice box. Like the idea of the Sizzix box die - that would make life so much easier. Jaqui x