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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Deck the Halls Fabric Cup Cozy Weekend Project

I am having fun with the new "Deck the Halls" fabric that Stampin' Up! is coming out with. The colors here are so rich. And I also got to play with the new "Big Designer Buttons". The buttons also give the cozy something more to grip on. Ever feel your cup slipping out of your hands? Well, the buttons will stop that from happening!

The cozy was easy to make. I just took the one off my cup from the coffee shop and traced it on the fabric and on some fabric lining. I hand stitched all around the cozy and then hand stitched it shut. I sewed the buttons on and it was done. Not much to it at all. You could machine stitch it. I didn't because my sewing machine has issues and acts up when I use it. It's old and doesn't do what I want it too. It probably needs a good cleaning and a fine tuning but I don't sew on it anymore and I find hand stitching much quicker for what I do. By the time I get the machine out and oiled I could have been done with the hand stitching. SO I hand stitch!

It's an easy project to do and fun too! Wouldn't they make great Christmas gifts for those at the office? Or a Stamp Camp item. How about a Hostess Appreciation gift or a Customer Appreciation gift? I am not sure how well they'd go over at a Craft Fair but it's worth a try.

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Michelle Tweedy said...

Love love love this one! I will be doing this for my Christmas Stamp Camp for sure! Thanks for sharing! I always find awesome projects on your bog!

KatieHR said...

May I make a little suggestion? Spread a 1/2 inch thin layer of silicon caulking on the TOP inside of the 'holder'. This can help prevent the 'holder' from sliding OFF the cup when it is not in your hand. The coffee shops SHOULD do the same thing, but they don't.