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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Color Mix and Matching Site

While I was blog surfing I ran across this wonderful gem. A while back there was a site that allowed you to pick a color or colors of Stampin' Up! card stock and it would mix and match for you to give you a perfect color scheme! Well, there is a site up and running that is doing just that. It's called My Create Ink Color Lab. I have downloaded the link to the Color Lab. It is posted on the side bar on the right. Just scroll down and you'll find it. Click on it and have fun mixing and matching colors for your next fabulous card or scrapbook page!
Have a GREAT day,


Lisa said...

Yeah!!!! Thank you so much for posting this, as I was missing the old color site. Bookmarked the new one!

PepPop said...

Wanda you are a star!! Thank you for this. I'm off to put it on my blog too. Jaqui x