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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Serpentine Bracelet

I thought I would take a moment off from stamping and show you another of the bracelets I've made. This stitch is called "Serpentine." It's a bit tricky to figure out at first but once you get going on it, it goes pretty fast. It's like that with any bracelet, once you get the first part over and learn the repetitive part it's easy. It takes most people about 3 of the waves in the bracelet to catch on and then they can just do it on their own. I LOVE the look of this and have made it using black fire-polished beads with silver seed beads and garnet fire-polished beads with silver lined gold seed beads. That one is my favorite, though I am partial to garnets. And this one is made using olive quartz and silver lined gold seed beads. I LOVE working with beads. Another of my addictions. Though I still believe and stand firmly on it that there are worse things to be addicted to!!! Perhaps some of those worse ones may be less expensive but I'll stick with the addictions I already have!!! LOL

I have a few other beaded projects I've been working on that I will show you in the weeks to come. SO tomorrow it's back to stamping. I did enjoy the "Simple Card" week and from some of the comments left here and emails I received you enjoyed it too. I will have to do that again or at least try to do a simple card every couple of weeks. They make great cards for Stamp-a-Stacks or Make & Takes.
I will be putting this bracelet in my web store in a few days. I need to learn how to resize photos and how to insert them in my store. I've been having the webmaster do it for me and he squeezes me in when he has time. I am one of those who wants it done right away but for the price I'm paying to him I can't complain. SO I just wait. But I can get it up in the store and post a link to this post with the photo of the bracelet so there is a round about way to see it! Not so convenient but doable!! Anyway, click on the photo for a closer view. That quartz is SO pretty!!

Thanks for indulging me today with my bracelet!
See you tomorrow!


C.Good said...

Love the bracelet. . . thanks for sharing.

PepPop said...

Very pretty, great work. It looks really complicated. Jaqui x