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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shadow Brayer Technique Page

Here is my new technique page, "Shadow Brayer." It's a lot of fun to do too!! The step by step instructions can be found here.

It's very easy to do. I have found that I can get quite a few images from one piece of embossed card stock.

The "gist" of this technique is that the brayer leaves ink on the back side of the embossed card stock. You can only go over the area as far as the brayer will cover once. That is why I marked my brayer on the end/side with a white gel pen. This way I know where to start and end with one roll. What happens here is the ink gets transferred onto the card stock but not into the indented/embossed areas of it. The brayer still has fresh ink in those spots and it is like it's been "stamped off" on the rest of the brayer. SO taking the brayer onto a fresh piece of card stock transfers what ink is left on it. The brighter/darker areas are where the ink never touched the embossed card stock and the lighter areas is where it did roll across the embossed card stock.

When I look at what the finished item is like it reminds me of decorative paper. its got that soft background look and a darker flower image.

Give it a try, it's a lot of fun and I LOVE the effect. In a few days I will make and post a card using this technique.

But for now I'm showing you the technique page for this one!

This technique will make #10 in the third set of 20 pages. I'm half way there! I do have some extra packages of sets 1 and set 2. If you are interested in them please email me. You can also go to my webstore and purchase these pages on CD to use for technique page books for classes! It's a great way to bring in some new and fun things for your customers to attend, do and have for themselves or start a Technique Club with them!!! They are all set up for you to print out, trim the edges and make yourself. Each CD comes with an actual photo as seen above for reference. You will print out the words and decorate it as you please. All the major work is done for you!!

Thanks SO much for visiting today, Wanda

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Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

That is very cool!!