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Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's Time For Some Blog Candy!!!

Last week my blog reached 800,000 hits. Can you imagine?? How fabulous is that? So we must celebrate that milestone in my blogging. And we'll celebrate with not one clear stamp set but two!
These are Scrappy Cat stamps. One is called "Tween Scene" and the smaller one is called "To Cheer You.'

These are such fun sets. I LOVE the hearts, flowers and butterflies in the larger set and I LOVE all the words in the smaller set. They're both just SO cute.

I went to take photos of them so I could post them here but the battery is dead on my camera. We had gone to Fawn-Doe-Rosa today and I took SO many photos. What a fun place that was. It was fun to see the animals up close and pet most of them. I really liked the feel of the sheep. It felt like a fuzzy bathroom rug!!! LOL The goat's eyes kind of creeped me out. The black center is not round like most animals have it's more of a rectangle. And there were a couple of goats I found extremely entertaining. There was this little guy who was so tiny he could fit through a gap in the fences and when you'd get close to him he'd slip back in. I got some photos, thought I might show the management and bust the little guy and maybe get a season pass!!! LOL The gap in the fence was so small you would never guess he could fit through. A bit more grazing on the grass on the other side of the fence and he won't be able to make it back!!! LOL

And then there was this goat, he was small but the noise he made was SO loud and SO deep that it just didn't fit him and it cracked me up. Every time I heard him I just started laughing!!. Anyway, they are the reason my battery is dead. It is charging now and I'm hoping that by the time this is posted in your email box that everything is here.

I will not be posting the "game" I'm playing for the blog candy until after the photos are posted so please don't post a comment here in the event I need to scrap this post and redo it later or tomorrow.

Thanks SO much,


Susan said...

W"OW" I don't believe it, but alas, I'm #1 posting CONGRATS on 800,00 blog hits. That's remarkable & no wondre with a fantastic blog like URs

Traci Davis said...

We had a very disliked co-worker that was leaving our law firm. Someone nicknamed her the wicked witch. One of our other co-workers found "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz on the Internet and that became the office theme song. Anytime someone mentions her name, you'll hear that song in the background, coming from someones computer. I have that song so embedded in my mind that I may start singing it at any time!