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Friday, July 31, 2009

Gummy Gifts!!!

It's fun to recycle when you can and these gum boxes are fun to play with. I don't collect many of them because I don't go through much gum. By the time I'm at the end of a package the gum is hard and crumbly which means it's time (past time) to buy a new package. And when I do buy a new package I recycle the old one. If you click on the photo of the wrapper you can see the expiration date on the bottom. By the time I want a piece of gum it's too late!!! LOL

I just found that this package holds the Stampin' Up! Sizzlets! How great would that be for a gift for a friend, fellow stamper, Hostess Gift or Customer Appreciation?? It actually would hold two of them so it would have to be a REALLY good friend if you were to add two!! LOL

It's very simple to do this too. What I did was I took the gum package apart and tossed out the inside part that held the gum. Mine had 3 separate foil type holders. I laid the package on my card stock to make sure I knew which way I wanted the design to go. Then I turned it over and ran my tape runner across it covering most of it. I didn't cover the whole thing, it wasn't necessary. But you do need to make sure all of the edges are covered.

Once the tape is on set it in place on top of the decorative paper. Be careful when you do this, once the tape hits the decorative paper it's pretty much committed to that spot!!! You may be lucky and get it off if you do it very carefully but odds are the decorative paper will rip.

Once the taped was stuck to the paper I rubbed it with an open hand to make sure it was all secure. Then I cut out the paper using the original package as my guide/pattern. I folded the score lines and glued it where the package was originally glued down. I set it aside to dry for a few minutes. I didn't want to mess with it in case the glue let loose. I did check on it in the event I may have to add a bit more glue but it was all ok.

I then decorated the outside. And on the inside I added a small zip baggie of bath salts! I thought it looked like a relaxing bath salt type box!!! I used Stampin' Up!'s Razzleberry Lemonade decorative paper, Oval All and Teeny Tiny Wishes stamp sets.

And that was all there was to that box!! Easy and I recycled. I like to try to use things I can at least one more time before it finds it's way into the trash/recycling.

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Stampin_melissa said...

So cute Wanda!

Anonymous said...

What a darling little box that makes!!! You are always so clever!!! Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Great job on this!

Anonymous said...

What an Awesome idea!!
I love it!