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Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Tree for the Birds!!! Decor Elements

I thought I would add a little variety to the rub-on tree I have in my workroom. I used the bird from Stampin' Up! "Birds and Blossoms" die cut set. I used Bashful Blue card stock and I sponged the edges before I put the wings on.

I looked up at the tree on my wall as I was typing and noticed the one bird on the left side, the bird in the middle branch at the end.... it's wing was turned the wrong way. If you click on the photo you will see it!!! I'm SO bad at looking over the artwork before I photograph it!!! Good thing I never went into photography. I doubt I'd be in business right now!!! LOL

I just thought the tree could use a little something for spring. I'm not sure what I can do with it for summer. And for fall I as thinking of adding some fall color leaves over the brown leaves. And winter I will add some snowflakes but the leaves will still be on the tree. I'm sure in many areas of the world you see snow and leaves still stay on the trees. But here in Minnesota the leaves fall off and we rake them up for weeks while more fall off the trees. Oh and not to mention all the leaves that blow in the yard from other people's trees!!! And then the trees are leafless. Best part there is you get to see how many birds found your tree to be a safe heaven for them!!

These birds add a splash of color to the wall. The clock also needs to be changed. It's got snowflakes on it. I would like to do one for every season. I thought of putting a bird on the second hand but it would be obvious that it would flying upside-down for half the rotation!!! Is that a good thing or not??? But I do know I need to change the clock from snowflakes to something else. Any suggestions?

This tree is fun to have on the wall. I will be looking at my stamp sets a little differently now to see if I can find something that I have that will work in the tree!!!

Thanks SO much for visiting today. I hope you found something wondrous to spark your creativity today!


Erika M. said...

What a beautiful tree!

Michele Kovack said...

How about flowers or something? Then it wouldn't matter if they were upside down! I love the tree, BTW!

Okispice said...

I think that tree is awesome. I wish I had room to put one up. Love your new blog header.

Vivian Swain said...

Why don't you use the same tree in Thoughts & Prayers stamp set and match the season. :)

Vivian Swain

Anonymous said...

I love what you did with the tree. I so want that tree, but haven't bought it yet. You could put little red birds for the winter - like cardinals! And so what it has leaves, its an inside tree!!! Mary

Unknown said...

This is BEAUTIFUL Wanda, great job with the aditions ;)

Laurie O said...

The blue birds look very cute. You need some cherry blossoms too and Robins too!