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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Pickin' Carrots!

WOW! If carrots were like this when picking them I think every kid on the block would be planting and picking carrots all summer long!!! LOL

I found these adorable "carrots" at the local grocery store. Aren't they cute? They are Lindt brand. They came with a green plastic hook on them and they looked more like an umbrella than a carrot. But once I cut the hook off it looked more like a carrot. I'm sure it was there to hold on to so you could eat the thing. Then again it could be so that when it was made it could be easily handled in the wrapping or even in the forming of it. I have no idea but I removed a lot of it on mine so they'd fit in the box. There is still a piece of sticking out of the candy but hidden under the foil wrapper so it can still be held onto if necessary.

I used the Sizzix box that I bought from the latest Stampin' Up! catalog. I used a 1-1/8" square punch for the window. With this type box you want to punch the window lower on the bottom than the top or the flap on the box top will show when it's tucked in. If it does show just trim it down a bit. As for me, the first box I made is where I learned that tip!!! LOL

After it was cut out I stamped "Happy Easter" all over it. This is one of those little clear rubber stamps I got at Michael's. I wish they would quit selling those!!! So does hubby!!! LOL

I added the acetate window before I put the box together. Then I glued the side tab of the box and when it was set I folded it together. I added some Easter grass and then the candy. I found some great orange ribbon to tie around the box and it just seemed to finish it all off!! Such fun!!!

I did hesitate about the Easter grass stuff. It is something I don't really care for. Many years ago when our son was a toddler we were caretakers in the apartment building we lived in. At Easter time I hated cleaning that stuff up in the hallways. It was showing up in the hallways for about 2 weeks after Easter. SO when our son was old enough for an Easter basket I never put that grass stuff in it. It was not until he was 6 or 7 my older sister made him a basket and she put the Easter grass in it (by then we were in our house). When our son looked at the basket he saw the grass and asked what it was. My sister just looked at him like he was from another planet. Not everyone knows what Easter grass looks like!!! So that was his first and last encounter with Easter grass. As a rule I don't buy it because we never use it. But this year I actually bought some. I was going to put it in his basket but it's too full of candy for any grass!!! But it did come in handy for this project. The box really did need something inside it!!

These are fun boxes to make. They are quick (quicker without the window - I'll show you a project or two soon without windows). I LOVE using these boxes. They come in handy for many things. I plan on using this one for a few Christmas gifts this year too!! It's nice to have a box die cut on hand for when you need a little box for something!!!

This makes a fun weekend project too and something the kids can help with!!

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NeedsARibbon said...

Green paper shreddy I like better because cats do not want to eat it! 'Nough said...

Erika M. said...

Very cute boxes with carrots!

Unknown said...

Very nice, these carrots are cute.