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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glad He Won't Care!!!

This card looked SO much better in my mind than it did on paper!!! But the good news of it is, it's for my nephew and all he really cares about will be the money inside!!! Guys are such "guys!" And this time it plays in my favor!!! LOL

The whole problem with this card is that the card stock does not match the decorative paper. I would like to see Stampin' Up! come out with a "theme" pack of paper. One that covers Easter, Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day and maybe something for New Years Eve/Day. Just a little bit of papers for those non-holiday events, those one day events that you don't decorate a month in advance for. You know what I mean!!!! That way I would have graduation paper that matches the inks and card stock!!! I may have to play a bit more on my computer and make my own digi paper. Only problem there is time. I'm SO busy with SO many other things that finding the time to play around with that is not in the near future for me.

Anyway like I said, he really won't care about the card. And on the other hand I do have time to make another card before the open house!! I also need one for a college graduate too. I'm not sure how many graduations we will be invited to this year. Some years we are bombarded with invitations and other years one or sometimes even none!! This year so far it's 2 and counting!!

I will try to come up with a better card for the next one I need and I will share it with you. Yup, regardless if I like it or not!!! LOL

Thank you SO much for visiting. I hope you are enjoying your day!


Scrap It Plus! said...

of them tomorrow.

Unknown said...

What a great idea on the paper pack you should fill them in on it. Your Nephew is going to enjoy his Money Card. LOL!