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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Gifts for the Guys!

It seems we're usually making cards and gifts for the gals and rarely do we do cards or gifts for the guys. Well, I had mixed up a batch of Trail Mix and thought I would put some in one of the MANY jars I am recycling! I thought this would make a wonderful "guy" gift. Just dress up the jar to have more of a masculine look and I could pull this off!!!

SO, I thought about what stamp to use and the Stampin' Up! "Wanted" set came to mind. Well, then the Bandanna Technique came to mind too and once I put the two together I took a photo of the end results. Definitely a masculine gift!!! It was a very fun and very easy project to do too!!! I think it took longer to mix up the trail mix than it did to decorate the jar!!!

I did use the computer for the wording on the top of the jar. I just typed out "Trail Mix" and printed it out on white card stock. I first printed it out on copier paper and then changed the size of the font until I got it to where I thought it was a nice size for the lid of the jar. Then I printed it out, punched it out and then layered it. I added a ribbon around the neck of the jar but I only tied it in a knot and not a bow. I wanted to keep it masculine and a knot seems to do that better than a bow!! I took the ribbon off when I filled the jar because I didn't want it to get in the way when I was filling the jar. But I'm sure you can imagine what it looked like. Personally I wouldn't add the ribbon, it just gets in the way when pouring out the trail mix. It does get in the way! If it were warmer out I would have spray painted the lids, I don't like the green and the words showing on it. It was a Heinz gravy jar. Yup, a gravy already mixed up, just heat and pour. And get this, I can even make that one lumpy!!! LOL

These will make great Easter gifts for the guys!!

Thank you SO much for visiting and have a WONDERFUL day!

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Unknown said...

I love it, I am working on etching some recycled alfredo jars for easter. I cut bunny heads on the cricut out of vinyl then took the armour etch to them. The girls are going to love it, so is the recipient of your beautiful creation.