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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers

Before I tell you about my card I want to share something with you. I'm sitting here at my worktable getting ready to type up my blog entry for tonight. I turned my space heater on because it's SO cold here in Minnesota. I woke up to subzero temps this morning. The sun was out to warm up the house and it does just that. The living room gets so warm from the sun that the thermostat feels the warmth and doesn't kick on for hours. SO my workroom gets even colder. Thus the space heater comes into play. I've got the space heater on just at the end of my worktable and it's facing me so the heat hovers under the table top and keeps my legs warm. I'm just starting to feel warm and all of a sudden my legs cool off. I thought maybe the space heater quit working so I look under the table and there's Boo (kitty #3) sitting in front of it. Boo likes to be WARM. One time she was sitting in front of the space heater SO close I thought I smelt hair burning. I worry about her sitting that close. Should she catch on fire she doesn't know the stop, drop and roll method. She'd just run off in one big flame. I moved her away from the front of the heater and boy did I get a look from her. Poor kitty will just have to suck it up and shiver like the rest of us!!! LOL And now that my legs are warm I can tell you about this card.

The layout is the new Sketch Challenge at SplitCoastStampers today. I love doing these on Wednesday's when I have the time to play. I really liked the layout but was not thrilled with my card. I wanted to use the Sale-A-Brations "Birthday Whimsy" set by Stampin' Up! I am not thrilled with this card and I did make another one I'll share with you tomorrow.

The large background area was done using the "Lots of Dots" wheel, going in every direction and using the Pumpkin Pie ink pad. I stamped the package images on Very Vanilla card stock using Garden Green and Pumpkin Pie ink. The larger center square is the "Apple Cider" decorative paper. It's pretty and goes well with the Garden Green. What is not doing it for me with this sketch is the large open area of the background. My eye gets lost in it. It's like it needs something more.

All products on this card are Stampin' Up! materials. Click here to find more cards and projects that are made entirely of Stampin' Up! materials.

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dasimonds said...

great colors!!

barbstamps said...

I love your blog; thanks for all the great ideas. Here's one (non-stamping) for you: turn your furnace fan on to even out the temperature in your house. We have a woodstove in the room with the thermostat, so my stamp room was freezing cold, too. With the fan running, the wood-heated air circulates through the whole house, and I can stamp again. (It's warmed up to 0 degrees today, practically balmy!)

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, Love your cards and your blog. It is nice to see a picture of the sketch with the actually card you made. Great colors and attention to detail. Jennie

LeAnne said...

Hey Wanda, I had trouble with this sketch, too. I didn't even post it on my blog because it just didn't do it for me. But I like yours!!! I think the little elements in the corner worked well, and I love how you tied in all the dots! Very smart!

Unknown said...

I love this card, you did a great job! Fun colors.

*Susan* said...

Love your choice of colors for this! In your *re-do* post you thought you should change the ribbon, but I think this orange is great! I agree with earlier poster Jennie who appreciates seeing the sketch on the same page with your creation. Love your blog!! - Susan :-)

Anonymous said...

I told you once, and I'll tell you again, I really like this card!