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Monday, February 18, 2008

Pun Fun Rocket Birthday Card

I am feeling as lost as this little space ship in the sky is. This type of card is totally out of my element. I don't usually do children's cards but I bought the set "Pun Fun" and I thought I should play with it. Plus I'm going to be participating in a card swap and one of the themes is a children's card.

My friend and fellow demonstrator Cyndi will REALLY like this card. It's from her favorite color group, the Bold Brights!! Sorry Cyndi, I know how much you struggle with that color group! The good news here is this card is not in the running for the swap. Mostly due to the background. I used the Copic Air Brush on it. I have had not played with it much and I thought this would be a good one to give a background a try. The card stock on the top is Bashful Blue and I added two different colors of blue Copic Markers and a purple one to get the effect you see. You could achieve an effect simular to this using sponges. The air brush was very quick, that is why I went with it.

The "Happy Birthday" is from the "Family Phrases" set. It is meant to go with the "All in the Family" set but it works well with this one too!!

When doing cards for children I like to use the brighter more vivid colors from the Bold Brights color grouping. Sticking with the basic colors, the typical "Crayola" 8 pack. You can't go wrong with that one!!! SO for my coloring I used Real Red, Brilliant Blue and Yoyo Yellow. I added some Yoyo Yellow punched circles to the background to represent stars and I added Dazzling Diamonds to each one to give it that fun sparkle.

I did stamp the spaceship on the background card stock and I also stamped one on watercolor paper and that one I cut out. Now being it was watercolor paper I cut it out first and then colored it. I didn't want the moisture from my thumb to smear the ink. The coloring was quick and directly from the marker so it was easy to do after the piece was cut out.

I glued the rocket in place with Crystal Effects. I knew it would hold nicely and if any got on the edges the Dazzling Diamonds would hide it!

This was a fun card to make and not difficult at all. I have 7 more stamps in that set to play with and my goal/personal challenge is to make a card using every one of them!!

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Unknown said...

Very nice, great kid card!

dasimonds said...

Cute card...
I like the bright colors!
I have not tried the airbrush
before...Looks Great!!
cute stamp too.

Stampin_Melissa said...

How cute is that! My DS would love it! Good job!

ChrissyM said...

I like the bright vibrate colors! Great kid card!

Michele Kovack said...

This turned out so fun!