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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Such a Sucker!!! Tutorial

Here is a fun and quick project for you to play with. I recommend you read through the directions before beginning. If you are unsure of what you are doing use copier paper or scratch paper to experiment with.

Cut card stock 2-1/2" x 7"

Take the 1/4" square punch and insert the short end of the piece you just cut. Starting at the left side, punch out 3-1/2" squares. Line them up right next to each other. What you are doing here is chipping away at the card stock one square at a time. It’s ok if you don’t get it exact. You’ll be able to fix anything once you get them all punches out. Once you’ve finished that side repeat for the other side.

Set the piece in your paper cutter or you can use a scissors and cut straight across on the bottom. Cutting away the piece below the square punched area. See the photo. You are cutting away the bottom piece that reads "cut away."

On the other end measure in ½" and lightly draw a straight line. Taking the Stampin’ Up! Slit punch, line up the flat bottom half circle metal piece on the punch with your pencil line. You are not dropping your paper to the bottom of the punch you are about an 1/8" away from it. Once punched erase the pencil mark.

Now you are going to score the piece. Measuring from the flat short end going in 3-5/8" and score. Measure in 3-7/8" and score again.

In the center of those scores you will be punching a hole that the sucker stick will be inserted. You don’t have to be perfectly centered, just eye it. You will need either a long punch or you can use your Mat Pack and poke a hole in the card stock. A punch is a lot nicer and cleaner but there are times you just have to work with what you have. I tried to use my Crop-A-Dial but it was just a little bit short. The wrapper of the sucker fits this size card stock perfectly so I couldn’t shorten the sides to compensate for the hole. I have a long reach punch so I used that. You can also use the hole maker that is used for punching holes to insert brads.

Your sucker holder is now ready to decorate. Because the back is blank it gives you a nice area to add any wording or business card labels. These are great for a Student Project, Craft Fairs, Make N Takes, Customer Gifts and any other area you think they’d be suitable for!!!

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Saulo Tuyub said...

I learn many with you
Thank you very much!!
I make a design, and put it in my blog, because this this is a great site.
Original (spanish):
Me has enseñado mucho
Muchas gracias!!
Hice un pequeño diseño para publicarlo en mi blog, debido a que este es un grandioso sitio

Pat S. said...

How cute is that :)

dasimonds said...

This is cute...
Thanks for sharing!

ktstamps said...

Thank you again for a great tutorial. You are so awesome. WOW! You have roocked my world and now I am a sucker!!!! :) kt