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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Every Light in the House Left On!!!!

This card really looks much better in person. Maybe if you click on the photo you can see more detail. Along the horizon it's kind of a purple pink sunset color. I'm not disappointed at the way the card turned out. I made it for my brother-in-law and I think it looks fine. I'm disappointed in the way it photographed. I need to start doing my cards during the day so I can photograph them in natural light.

I had to laugh when I looked at the card all finished. These words came to mind, "you've got every light in the house on. Do you think we're made of money?" LOL Something I often heard growing up!!!! And it was true, they weren't made of money but the every light on was not true. We did occasionally miss a few!!! LOL

So onto this card. This is the card sketch today on SplitCoastStampers. I can not emphasize enough how fun it is to play with these new layouts. And I highly recommend you give at least one of them a chance. The most difficult part of making a card is coming up with a layout you like. Well as of today there are 162 of them to pick from!!! You don't have to participate in the uploading of the sketch. You can just make it and keep it without displaying it on Split Coast. Just have some fun with a new layout!!!

My brother-in-law's birthday was last week so the card is late!!! Better late than never, right??? LOL Sometime last fall I purchased a pack of decorative paper (with my coupon at JoAnn's) called "The Old World" stack. There were some beautiful and fun sheets in it. The background paper here is one of them. It's got such a rich look to it.

Most of the coloring was done using the Copic Markers and the Copic Air Brush. I have a Badger but this is a bit more convenient than getting the Badger out, plugging in the compressor and filling the jars with paints or inks. I had gotten the markers and air brush for Christmas and have not played with either of them much. I am not very fond of the markers for coloring and blending with their blender pen. I find that the Stampin' Up! markers and blender pen are far superior in coloring and control. But I do like the air brush part of this set I got. Which is a good thing because these markers are not cheap and I'd hate for them to just sit around not getting used. If it weren't for the air brush part they would be doing just that. SO today I had a little time to play with some background colors using the air brush. It does do your backgrounds very quickly. It takes a little practice to learn how to control the amount of color you want and where. And you do need to know that what you see right away on the paper is a little brighter than what it will look like once the alcohol from the marker dries. The only thing I didn't care for on the air brush part was the coldness of the can. If you do one color after another (like I did) the can gets very cold and you have to set it down. It's just too cold to handle. But other than that I had fun using it on this design. I was able to blend over and over in a single area without the paper showing any wear like you'd get with a blender pen and regular card stock. That was a feature I did like. I did stamp the image using black Staz On so I was a bit concerned about the black bleeding and fortunately it did not. I was careful when adding the yellow to the windows because I knew if I did work that area too long the black would bleed. I did use the Stampin' Up! markers and blender pen on the house, roof, and rocks. I also added a little Chocolate Chip to the reflection of the trees using the blender pen.

For the finishing touches, I layered everything in black.I sponged the edges in Chocolate Chip and I used some olive velvet ribbon to give the card a bit more texture because the three black brads were just not enough. I'm sure my brother-in-law will like this card.

I will post the blog candy tomorrow so those who only get to visit on the weekends will have a chance at it too!!!

Thank you SO much for stopping by,


Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

This is so, so, so pretty!

MJ said...

Love this Wanda! So serene looking! Great colors.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful card! I love the serene feeling I get when looking at this! Nice job!

Unknown said...

Very nice coloring, I love the card. Don't worry, I tell our kids the same thing, and they do have every light on.

Have a great day!

Stampin_Melissa said...

Wow! Wanda you did an awesome job! I know your BIL will love it, if not send it my way and I'll give it a loving home! LOL!

The name of your post reminds me of a country song by Trace Adkins "Every Light in House is On".

JenniferL. said...

This is stunning! A lovely image.

Pat S. said...

Simply stunning! Your Old World background paper works perfect with this...and I love the velvet ribbon...very nice :)

dasimonds said...

Great Job!!
This is so very pretty...I love
all the colors. Very beautifully
colored..I love "all the lights on" and the trees are Great.
Beautiful Card.

Diane said...

Wow Wanda!!! This is stunning!!!

Dorothy said...

GORGEOUS CARD - you should frame it. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Fish said...

Hi Denise: You're card looks beautiful. Great work on the coloring.

I finally gave up on waiting for good daylight (or timing the completion of my cards with it). Just ordered a photography tent and light kit. I hope it lives up to it's promises . . . I want to be able to get my photos and blogging done at night :)


Sue Reynolds said...

beautiful card makes me want to go fishing right now!

Alex said...

Absolutely beautiful Wanda! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Melissa said...

This is absolutely stunning Wanda!


Charlene H. said...

You did an awesome job! I love the coloring.

Corie said...

This is just breath-taking!!!

Paula said...

Wanda, this is lovely! What stamps did you use? I love the coloring. I have that Old World Mat pack too. Some very nice papers in there. And on the late issue? I say handmade cards are excused from being tardy. No one besides me in my family sends any cards, so I figure it doesn't matter if they are late or not!