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Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Fire!

Good news on the candle lamp with the rub ons!!! The candle burned for around 2 hours and no fire!!! The glass got warm but the rub-ons did not catch fire or melt or even change color from the heat. This candle with the lamp and metal frame lamp holder seem to be user friendly with the rub ons!! And this candle was wonderful. It smelled SO nice before I lit it and the smell was just as wonderful when lit. The whole room smelled SO good!!!

And thank you Alexandra for your comment and concern!!! Nope, no fire!!! I have a fire extinguisher in my workroom. You just never know. I work with some interesting "stuff" down here. I do polymer clay and I bake most of it in a toaster oven. You NEVER want that stuff to catch fire. Well, you never want any of your "stuff" to catch fire!!! LOL I am just prepared in my workroom. Plus it gets cold down here and I will sometimes run a space heater. It's nice and I usually don't worry about it until Boo comes down here. She likes to stand right in front of it and I swear I smell hair burning. I have to pick her up and move her and her hair is SO hot. I'm really surprised she doesn't catch fire!!! I keep an eye on her more than I do on the other stuff down here!!! Crazy cat!! LOL
I have a fun Valentine's Day project coming up here in a couple of hours. I have go to make dinner. UGH!!!

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Unknown said...

I am so glad this worked out, your project simply beautiful!