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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Postage Increase Information, Size Does Matter!!!

For those of you who mail your handmade cards the cost of them has changed. I thought I could get by with a 41 cent stamp today. My card was thinner than the quarter inch they now regulate. But it had buttons or brads or both on it and that no longer made it a smooth card so it now falls into a different category. I had to add a 17 cent stamp onto the 41 cent one. SO now to mail a handmade card that is not totally flat it will cost you 58 cents. SO I purchased a few more 17 cent stamps and a bunch of 58 cent stamps!!! Oh and the changes don't just stop there either. I use to mail out the Blog Candy in a padded envelope (when the items allowed), I'd weigh them and add the postage accordingly. Not anymore! Because that padded envelope is bulky in spots it can no longer be mailed like that. It is considered a box package and charged accordingly. SO much to learn just to mail a package. Keep these in mind when you mail out your handmade cards!

You can get more information at the post office website.


Melissa said...

Good to know! Thanks!

Pegg S said...

Thanks for the info! I read this on the usps site but wasn't entirely sure (and neither are they at the post office sometimes!!) about the flatness part.... will it change how you make cards to send??

Diane said...

Isn't that terrible!!
It cost me almost 2$ to send a card with brads to the US,but it won't change the what I put on my cards!!!