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Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Perfect Mother's Day Card!

I was wracking my brains trying to figure out the most perfect unique Mother's Day card for my mom. Not that any handmade card wouldn't be unique or perfect (well, close to perfect)! I wanted one that would give a lasting memory only a mother would understand and hold near and dear to her heart. I have been working on an altered book of photos of me and I ran across one I had scanned that I thought would be ideal on a card for my mom.

I am not very far in my altered book of my photos but when I get it done I'll post it on here. It's been fun (so far) working on it. Actually working isn't the right word. Playing perhaps best describes it. The book has not become work yet. It's been fun and the stroll down Memory Lane has been an interesting one! I stepped back from the book and realized how strange it is to sum up your entire life in a few pages. I'll share more of that later when I get the book done.

As for this card. . . it's ready for next Sunday! I also made one for my Mother-in-law with my husband's photo of course!!! I don't think she'd find much sentimental value in a photo of me as a child!!! LOL

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Hey Hey Paula said...

I love your card. What a great idea to use the photo. I'm sure both your mom and MIL will treasure their cards. TFS

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! How can she not LOVE it!?

Anonymous said...

I love your Mothers Day Card! Great photo and choice of colors.

doverdi said...

What a great idea for a Mother's Day card. I've done photo cards before and found that the recipient always loves them. This will definately be one that both mom's will treasure. Thanks for sharing.