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Saturday, May 12, 2007

If CASING Was A Crime I'd Be In Jail!!!

I just can't help myself. There are SO many fabulous cards out there that I just love and HAVE to have. And since I don't know the creators of the cards I can hardly ask them to just send me one now can I? SO what does that leave me??? Not much of a choice now is it. I just have to CASE! And I do! Guilty!! Guilty!! Guilty!! And loving every minute of it. Though I do have to admit it would make it a lot easier if these people would just mail me their cards!!!

Here is one I HAD to CASE. It was originally done by a stamper named AlisaZoe. Her card can be found by clicking on her name. I didn't have more than one size of Prima's so I made due with what I did have. I had gotten some for a gift. I did not know they are made from pressed paper and are a bit fragile. I thought they were made of silk. I was given purple and white ones. I have not tried to "dye" the white ones with inkers or sponging them but I'm going to be trying that some time soon. I had this horrible image of adding inkers to the flower and watching it expand like a sponge getting moisture for the first time! It will be interesting and I'll be sure to keep you posted on that thought!!!

Ok, back to the card. This stamp set, "Touch of Nature" is one I've hardly go to use and I REALLY like it. It is NOT being retired but that's besides the point. I just HAD to make this card. I LOVE the richness of the colors and the combination of the colors was interesting too. Adding Cameo Coral to the Ruby Red was a stretch for me. But the sponging toned it down enough to pull the two off! I enjoyed every minute of CASING this card!

Stop by AlisaZoe's Gallery and see her other creations too. She's a fabulous stamper!

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Anonymous said...

WOW similar these two cards are. The original was perfect so I can see why you wanted to CASE it. As I don't have that particular stamp I will have to improvise when I CASE it. TFS