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Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Penguin Place, Candy Holder, Weekend Project

Today's "Weekend Project" is a fun candy holder I found on the internet. I thought it was so cute and would be perfect for a little teacher gift, stocking stuffer or something for the mail and delivery carriers. I found how to make them here. A little friendly tip here. If you are one who likes to play along, I recommend you either watch first or follow along with my tip.  The video for these cute holders starts at 11:06 in the video.  Before these, Christmas cards were made.

You will be instructed to cut the DSP from the "Penguin Place" at 2-5/8" x 6".  On the long side you will be scoring it at 3-3/4" and 4-1/8".  And the short side was scored at 3/8" on each side.  You also need to be aware of the orientation of your DSP. The first one I made, I had the DSP the wrong direction so when I started to fold my holder up, the characters inside were upside down.

At the top part of the piece you cut off 1-7/8" from the top down on each side. And you will be snipping the little scored areas between the 3-3/4" and 4-1/8".  You will snip to the 3/8" score line and then you will need to snip little "V's" off the sides of each of those little tabs.  After that was done (this is where I should have watched instead of followed along) you glue the piece.  You need to use a punch for the top piece to create the hole for hanging. I slid my piece in and the bump on the top of the piece is flat. You can really see it in the middle holder. Now you probably wouldn't have noticed had I not told you. But I did because I wanted you to know what yours could look like if you don't punch it before assembling. And when you punch it before, turn the punch over so you can see where it's going to punch. You don't want to cut off too much on the top.  

I used Ghirardelli chocolates for mine. They fit perfectly. Lindt's were used in the original holders.

I did not tie off my ribbon on the tip like it was done in the video. I just tied the 7" piece of ribbon in a knot and called it a done deal!!  

I wasn't fond of fussy cutting those little trees but I did it, I did three of them!! The two penguins were punched out and the fox was fussy cut. The characters were set in place with Dimensionals.  Set the tree and character in place with the candy in the holder. It will give you a somewhat firm surface to press down onto.

And that's it for the tips and how I made mine. These were very fun to make and I'd make more if it weren't so late in the season now. And they were pretty quick to make too!

Thank you SO very much for taking your time to stop by and see today's cute candy holders,

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KardsbyKadie said...

Those penguin candy holders are perfect. I see a CASE happening in my studio this week. THANKS FOR SHARING!