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Monday, June 29, 2020

Thinking of You, Friendship Card, June 2020 Paper Pumpkin

I thought I would take out my June 2020 Paper Pumpkin kit and play with it before the next one comes.  I have been busy with so many other things, stamping, sewing masks, some cleaning and sorting, a bit of organizing and sitting and playing with a Diamond painting. I have done three now. One was a dandelion image, there were three dandelions in the picture. Not one of my favorite. You need to buy big, large images to get better detail.  I also did "Starry Night" and Starry Sky" by Van Gogh.  They were larger and took longer but they are done too. It's addictive but yet relaxing.

I found this card on Pinterest.  The link only takes you to the card. There's no link to where it was made and the instructions, so I just winged it.  And pretty much nailed it.  

The base of the card is a printed card from the June 2020 Paper Pumpkin kit.

I stamped the dashed lines using the Basic Black ink spot that came in the kit.  (Yup, each month you get an ink spot in your kit. I have almost all of the colors now!).  I should have stamped with the card open because when I went to stamp the image touched the card stock, the card closed and then I stamped.  I had a "chatter" on the image.  I was very disappointed and sat here thinking of what I could do to save this card.  I just moved everything down the width of the dashed image.  I opened the card and stamped the dashed image just below the bad image and I used Basic Black ink. 

I covered the bad image with a black polka dot strip that came in the kit. It's sticky (gotta love that). I just stuck it in place.  

I punched out two flowers from the "Medium" daisy punch using Whisper White card stock.  I glued two together.  I punched out a Crushed Curry circle using the 1/2" circle punch. I glued that on top of the flower.

I took the word piece from the kit and stamped the word "Sunshine" from the stamps that came in the kit. I used Crushed Curry to stamp the words.  Then I used the "Sending" words and the Basic Black ink and stamped them just above the "Sunshine".  I set this piece in place with Dimensionals.  Dimensionals came in the kit.

I took a leaf pair from the kit and set it in place on the card. I did set the flower in place to see where the leaves would go.  I used the small glue dots from the kit to set the leaves in place.

I added a Dimensional to the back of the flower and set it in place on the card.

I added some sticky sequins from the kit and the card was done.

I was glad I stumbled across this card. I think I will make another one.  There's one more of this fun card in the kit.  There's two striped ones, two of another fun image like today's card but lighter, and two with sunshine rays.  There's some fun punched out images too.  Leaves, pineapples, lemons, suns and tags to stamp your words on (they all have a gold border).  There's sequins, glue dots, Dimensionals, and 8 stamps.  Plus the ink spot and matching envelopes.  And if this is your very first set you get an acrylic block.  

The only thing that didn't come with the kit was the daisy.  But that was what made me want to make this card. 

This was a fun card and I think I will make three more using the printed cards in the kit. I'm not sure what I will do with the other four cards but I do plan to make the cards and be done with the set.  

Thank you SO much for taking the time to stop by today,

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