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Friday, October 17, 2014

Work of Art Military Flag Card - Masculine Card

This card was a bit more difficult to make than I thought it would be.  Or maybe I just made it more difficult.  That could happen!!!

My girlfriend's son is at boot camp and I thought I would send him a card.  An American flag is a perfect themed card to send to someone in the military.  I tried to make this flag several times.  The first time I stamped the blue field first and worked around it.  NOT a good idea.  My stripes when way over the top edge by the time I got up there from stamping the 3rd row.  So I thought I would try it again.  The same way.  The same results.  What was I thinking???  Then I tried the first and second row of red but forgot to mask off the area for the blue.  UGH!  So I had to start over.  I (once again) repeated that mistake!!!  Now by this time I'm getting frustrated.  SO I decide to do the flag pole first.  Now where that thought came from I have no idea and it resulted in a failure.  SO I got out one final piece of Whisper White card stock and inked up the red waves.  I stamped them where I thought they should go and was ok with that.  Now I knew I needed to block off for the blue area but I needed to move that block up.  I masked the area off where I thought it should be and I stamped the next row of red.  I could have stamped the image a bit closer to the last one but I got it where it needed to be so it was close enough.  I stamped the third row and removed the mask!!  YAY!!!  I was on my way.  I stamped the Pacific Point blue part of the flag!!  We're on our way now!!  Then I needed to do the flag pole.  I got out the Hello Honey ink and I was going to stamp the pole and I thought I should practice on one of my ruined pieces to see how to line it up nicely.  In doing that I didn't move my good image over far enough and I got the Hello Honey ink on the bottom right corner.  UGH!!!  I REALLY didn't want to do this all over again so I thought I would hide it with a tiny star.  Well, one star wasn't enough to cover the area.  I wasn't surprised!!!  I also got a Hello Honey smudge between those 3 bottom stars and the bottom of the flag.  See it, right there in between those???  But wait, there's one more.  Up at the top of the flag, there's a red smudge!!!  What the heck????  I am not usually a messy stamper.  I thought about adding more stars to hide those smudges but in setting them on the spots they looked out of place.  So I decided to just leave it the way it is.  I apologize to Aly at Aly Stamps for ruining her wonderful card.  I am sorry, there is not a direct link to this card on her site.  I found this card on Pinterest and whoever pinned it did not add a direct link, only a link to Aly's blog.  

So if you're going to make this card, please keep your work space free of stuff, especially the good piece you're working on.  Oh and keep your fingers free of ink!!!  Handy tips, huh?  LOL

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