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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best of Halloween & Circle Framelit

 Today I thought it was safe to play with Halloween stuff. It's the 10th of September. I did wait until we were into September before I even glanced over at this set.  This is such a fun set.  I've always wanted to buy that house stamp but I never did.  Now I have a smaller version of it and like it much better! Plus there are 4 other images in that set that I had wanted to buy in the past but never did.  Now I have a smaller version of all of them in one set!!!  How fun is that?  And how fun is it that they fit in the new Circle Card Framelit die??? I am LOVIN' that to pieces!!!  LOL
 For today's card I actually got it off the net.  I saw this really long Halloween card and wondered how it was done.  I saw how you could elongate a card and I posted one last week.  You can see that one here.  Then I saw one even longer and I had to give that one a try.  If I had to pick one I just couldn't.  I like both sizes of long cards.  You can find the instructions to making this card here.  And there's a video on how to do this there.  I sometimes find videos frustrating.  I like things quick and to the point. I don't like watching people cut paper or tape things.  Just give me the details and let me make it.
So, if you don't want to watch someone tape and punch and cut then read on!

The Pumpkin Pie cardstock is cut 4-1/4" x 11".  A half sheet of card stock cut on the short side.  You need to feed it through the die like I told you about in the card I posted a couple of days ago.  You slip the cardstock over the wider part of the die toward the circle part, making sure the "blade" is on the bottom and your card stock rides over the frame on the opposite side of the "blade".  I took a post it note to use as tape to hold the cardstock and Framelit together.  I don't have the magnetic plate so I'm working with what I have.  Before you do this you will also need to add that piece of decorative paper on the left side because you want the half circle to be cut out perfectly.  That piece measures 1" x 4-1/4".  Only tape the top, bottom and the outside. If you tape all sides (like I did) part of it will show on the other side.  I taped mine so well that it tore the paper when I tried to remove it.  SO I had to start again.  Now you are ready to use your Big Shot.  Run it through until you pass the circle and back it out.  You don't want the back end of the frame making a score line like the card the other day did.  Once it's cut, remove the post it and go back to your work station!!!  You will need to score the cardstock at 7".  7" from the left going towards the right.  Next I added my Washi tape and then stamped the owl in the tree image.  The other images were stamped on Whisper White cardstock and taped in place. And lastly the larger piece of decorative paper went on.  It was cut at 3-3/4" x 4"  And that was it!!  Now go make one yourself!! It's fun!

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christi said...

thanks for the verbal tute. got it. so how much longer can you make it? 12" is the longest right? I tried the 11' version at my club this week and when you mentioned the bump I got it. then I added a liner piece and scored it. hint for you ... don't score the pieces separately it's a bear to line up. just add it then score both at the same time. thanks for all you sharing with us.