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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Thank You Circle Thinlits Die Card

 You are not going to believe this but today's card is an original!!  I played with the new Circle Card Thinlits Die.  When I saw this die I couldn't wait to order it!  I LOVE those swing cards but I don't care much for making them.  Well, this die took all the hassle out of making them.  Just run the die with your card stock through your Big Shot and viola!!!  Fold and embellish and you have a swing card!!!  What fun!  You can get yours here.

My card was made using Strawberry Slush cardstock and decorative paper.  I have used that Strawberry Slush color so much I think I need to order another pack of it.  But with fall coming, do I want this color??  I have to think about it!

I made a fun accordion fold circle for the bottom left corner.  To make those you cut a piece of card stock 12" long.  I just used the 11" off a piece of cardstock.  Then you score every 1/4".  Next you just fold them back and forth like an accordion.  That
is not my favorite part of making them!  But once they are done I am glad I went through all that folding.  It's really not a lot of folding if you're just making one.  I had made 12 cards with 3 of them on each card so I got tired of the folding awfully quick!! Before I folded or scored my strip I added a piece of Gingham Garden Washi tape to it.  Then I scored and folded.  I glued my ends together and used a binder clip to hold them while they dried enough to work with.  Once it's set you work with it a bit to lay it open and flat.  Then you squish it to form the circle.  You can tape the back side onto a punched circle with some very sticky tape to it.  Regular Tombow will not hold.  What I ended up doing was putting a bit of Sticky Strip to the punched circle. I marked the center (or close to it) to the punched circle and I set the folded one on top.  Then I added some hot glue to the center and held it while it set.  Once it was set I embellished the front a bit more.  I added a small 1/2" circle and then a small scallop and in the center of that I added a candy dot.  

The front large circle has a Flower Shop flower set in the middle with Dimensionals.  And in the middle of the flower is a Simply Pressed Blossom clay flower.  

On the inside I used the new Photopolymer "Another Thank You" stamp.  I really do like those stamps.  They are totally clear and using the clear blocks you can see exactly where you are going to be stamping.  

I extended the length of this card too.  The die cuts it off where the white paper starts on the right.  To make the card longer you just feed it into the die.  With the cutting "blade" part facing down you slip the cardstock over the back piece and under the circle part.  The back piece will make a light scored mark but won't cut because the "blade" part is under it.  You can find some tutorials on the net for a more clear description.  I had added a strip of Whisper White cardstock to the right side and a little strip of decorative paper so I had a space to write in the card.  And that was it!  VERY fun!

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