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Monday, July 29, 2013

Mixed Bunch Birthday Card Gift Set

Today I was working on some craft fair and gift items.  I had gotten some boxes from my sister and I HATE to throw them away.  She hates to see things like that thrown away so she brings me in on the act!!  She works in a print shop and after stuff sits around for several months it is determined useless and is recycled. Sometimes it gets recycled to my home!!  I had gotten 12 of these gift boxes and they were too big for cards but I made them work!

First I made my cards using the new in colors decorative paper pack and the Mixed Bunch flower and punch.  The words are from the  "Simply Sketched" set.  The boxed set has one of each color card in it, so you get a little variety in colors.  

Once I got the cards made I took the plastic cover off the box and added a piece of white to the bottom of the box.  Don't ask why, I just thought it looked nice.  Then I set an envelope in the box and measured the open space on the top and side.  I took a piece of cardstock and cut it to the size I needed and scored the piece.  I folded the scores and set the "u" shaped piece in place in the box.  I thought the top piece was a bit too big to leave empty so I went on the computer and printed out "Birthday Greeting Cards and 4 envelopes".  I had printed it out on a sheet of label paper and cut them on the paper cutter.  I stuck them on top of the piece and it looked SO professional.  I plan on selling some of them at the fall craft fair and a few of them are for gifts.

It was a fun and nice way to use those boxes.  I am not a big fan of mass producing.  And I thought 48 cards was a BIG production for me!!!  I have never done that before and don't plan to do it again.  Well, unless I get my hands on more gift boxes.  I had those in the closet for a few years so I don't see that happening anytime soon!

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