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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gingham Garden Washi Tape Weekend Project

Today I ran across a candle with a glass top and thought I would see what I could do to dress it up a bit.  The candle originally had a paper label going around the space that the strip of Washi tape is covering.  Fortunately the glue they used on that paper was very easy to remove (or this project wouldn't have happened!!). 

When I added the tape around the bottom I did have to snip it a bit at the bottom to make it fit or there would have been little pleats all around it.  I suppose that would be ok but you can feel and see them because they stick out.  So I just carefully went around the candle snipping and pressing the tape in place.  I liked what I saw but what about the lamp part?

On the lamp part I decided to tape a piece of copier paper and add the Washi tape to it.  Then I took the 1/2" circle punch and punched out the cute circles, making sure I got flowers in each one.  Then I removed the copier paper and stuck the circles onto the glass lamp.  Cute, huh?  It's cuter when you light it up!

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