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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teeny Tiny Wishes Mother's Day Card

This was another fun card to make.  I saw this on Pinterest.  I suppose you weren't surprised at all by that!!! LOL  You can view the original card here.  I used different colors only because of the buttons I had on hand.  I did like the colors of the original card though.  But these are pretty too.

This was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be.  I thought  trying to get those strips cut exact would be a problem plus the partial circles. But it was surprisingly easy.  

Take a half sheet of Whisper White card stock and fold it in half. Set it aside.  Take a piece of Whisper White card stock and cut it 
4" x 5-1/4" and set it aside.  Next cut 3 strips of pretty decorative paper 1-5/16" each by 4".  They are cut longer than you need but it's important you have some wiggle room with this.  Now take your 1-3/8" and punch the ends.  I stacked the three pieces of decorative paper and punched them all at once.  Line them up in the punch, eye it so it looks like your even and punch about 1/3 into the decorative paper.  If you don't like how it looks stack the papers again and punch deeper or shallower.  That is why you have extra in the length.  My papers are from the Brights Collection and so are the buttons.

Take your cut piece of Whisper White and tape or glue the strips in place.  I started on the left and worked my way across.  I laid the buttons on the card stock so I could get an idea of where I wanted what colors and where I was going to affix the strips.  It's ok if some decorative paper hangs over the top, you can trim that off easily.  To set the next strip in place I just lined up the tip to the tip of the last strip.  And then I did the same for the 3rd strip.  After I finished that I punched out a 1" circle in each of the colors.  I affixed the buttons on with a glue dot.  I taped the circled under each corresponding color.  And then I stamped the words on. Mine came from the "Teeny Tiny Wishes" set.  

The top piece of card stock is set in place using Dimensionals.  But before you set it in place round the corners of the bottom only.  And there you have it.  Easy Peasy!!!  Check here for over 300 more cards you can make in 20 minutes or less.  

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Stampin Deva said...

I prefer your color choices!!! TFS.

connie said...

I love the layout of this card. Colors go great and the buttons really set it off.

Lynette said...

I love this card - so simple and so wonderful.