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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Everybunny Candy Header Easter Candy Project

Here's a fun project for you that the kids will like to help with.  If they don't eat all the Peeps that is!!!  I'm not a big Peeps fan so I don't have a problem with these cute little guys! And when did Peeps get so expensive?  I thought they  use to be a cheaper Easter candy!  Anyway, I bought a pack of them to play with!!!

I bagged up the Peeps and then checked my stamps to see what I had for Easter.  I found the "Everybunny" set and ran with it!!!  I know there's a bunny in the bag and there were bunny stamps but I REALLY liked this little chick.  I suppose I could have bought chick Peeps but I didn't.  I thought the bunnies were a lot cuter and they are flatter too, which makes them so much easier to put in bags and to actually see them in the bag.  

My bags measured 3" x 4".  I got my food acceptable bags at our local cake decorating shop.  I cut my card stock just a hair over the 3" mark wide and 5" long.  I folded it in half on the long side.  I found some fun decorative paper that I thought would be nice for Easter.  My decorative paper came from the "Sunshine & Sprinkles" pack.  Another pack of paper I won't be using up any time soon.  I am learning to scale back on my paper purchasing because I'm just not using it all before it retires.  I'm sure that is so true of many of you to.  Anyway, I cut the decorative paper to fit the front of the header and yet leave an 1/8" border around it.  Before I taped the decorative paper in place I did staple the white header piece on.  I made sure the bump parts of the staple were in the front and the smooth part was on the back.  It makes the header look so much more clean and neat.  I did take a hammer and flattened down the bumps so the decorative paper would lay nicely.

Next I stamped the chick image, colored it and then punched them out.  I punched out some Old Olive scalloped circles to layer the chick on.  I taped the layers together and then taped them to the front of the header.

I have a stash of punched out "things" and I found a bunch of Modern Label punched pieces so I pulled them out and found I had exactly enough for my little project here!  Then I went on my computer and typed out "To one of my favorite Peeps".  I had to have it print at font size 10.  Any bigger and I wouldn't have been able to get it all in the Word Window punch.  I punched them out, affixed them to the Modern Label piece and then I used the Sticky Strip tape to affix it to the front of the bag.  And that was it.  They are now ready to give out to my favorite Peeps!!

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