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Monday, March 18, 2013

By the Tide

I got this set and I thought I should stamp something with it before it retires.  It's really not that easy of a set to work with. I do like the fish in the set.  The shell and seahorse are ok too but the lobster/crab thing doesn't do much for me.  I failed miserably in an attempt to make a card using this set.  And of course using the "Print Poetry" designer paper.  For such a little stack of paper (48 sheets) I sure am having a hard time using it up!  

I originally bought this set for the seaweed looking image.  I thought it would be fun to use parts of it when making polymer clay leaves.  It would make very pretty and realistic looking veins in the leaves.  But I wanted to stamp with it first before I get it all full of clay oils.  

I did have fun making the layers and cutting out the fish but that seaweed thing is not working well with this card.  I may be doing a remake on this one!

Thanks for bearing with me here!!!  I do try to keep the ugly posts down to a minimum!!!  I hope I'm not exceeding that already!!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by today,

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JoAnn P said...

It just shows us you are human. Normally, I love your cards and I have many of the stamps you use.