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Monday, June 04, 2012

They All Can't Be Winners!

Well, have you ever in your whole life seen an uglier card than this?  The whole card concept of this card was SO much prettier in my head than it is on paper.  I was looking for a clean and simple look.  This looks like some kind of weird test pattern that went awry.  LOL  But you do have to admit, I did hit the clean and simple right on the nose!  LOL

Most of the time my cards turn out but on occasion (like today) they don't and I still feel obligated to share them with you.  It's good to let other's know that I can make a crappy card too!  I've been known to make quite a few of them but this one takes the cake.  I honestly have nothing to say about this card other than "Oh My, what an ugly card this is!"  Like I said, they all can't be winners!!  This one just seems like such a waste of card stock!  I think this happens about once a year!! Well, isn't it good to know that it's now out of my system until next year?  LOL

Thank you for reading to the end of this post, it must have been grueling!!! LOL

Tomorrow will be better!


Kerry Joy said...

I think your card has potential. Maybe add some butterflies from the beautiful Wings embossing folder?

Linda W said...

Oh you are too critical. I think it is adorable and so doable when you are in a hurry!!!

Traci Davis said...

Just this morning I was looking at a card that someone gave me (store bought) and I was thinking how clean and simple it was. It's literally a small white card with a very small sea horse in the middle if the card. That's it, just a simple, plain little card. I don't do clean and simple very well. If anything, I tend to embellish to the max. But I was thinking how elegant that plain little card was. So I had to laugh when I read your post. Your card is not ugly or plain at all. It's "simply elegant".