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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fabulous Florets To Do List Notebook Weekend Project

This is not one of the little projects I've been working on.  It came from a much bigger project I'm working on.  The big project is cleaning up the den.  I've hoarded it out and I'm slowly cleaning it up.  I have several totes and a few boxes of stuff to go through and I can claim the room back!!!  I kept piling stuff on the couch and chairs and it just got out of hand.  So it was time to clean it all up but it's a slow process since it's something I'm not interested in nor am enjoying what I'm doing!! But it's getting done and that's the main thing.

So onto this post!  While I was going through one of the totes  I ran across two stacks of printed, cut and punched "To Do" lists.  I thought I should put them together and decorate them up so that is what I did this evening.  

I used the Fabulous Florets stamp set on the front.  The Regal Rose flower is set in place using Dimensionals.  The other two flowers were stamped in Pretty in Pink and then cut out.  

The words are from a personal stamp I had made many years back.  I LOVE making "To Do" lists and having a stamp with those words on it was a must for me!! It comes in handy when you run across stacks of "To Do" lists!!

These are a nice size too.  They are 8.5" long and a bit over 3" wide.  They are a third of the 11" side of the paper.  I remember getting 3 pages per sheet of copier paper.  I cut it in thirds and of course it didn't work out exactly right so there was one that was just a little bit bigger but it was easy enough to work with.  I just made sure I set it aside so I would get the paper size accurate for the front and back.  

I'm going to pack these up with the other craft fair stuff I've been running across and also creating as I go! 

Ok, I'm off to clean up a little more in the den.  Still NOT with any enthusiasm!  Only determination! 

Thank you SO much for visiting today,


Bernardine Cuttino said...

These are great pads, love em. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving the sweet comments. Hugs

Carol L said...

What a cute note reminder! I love those florets and how you used them! So pretty!